About Us

Mission Statement

Ellem Warren Lawyers is committed to providing technically excellent and practical legal solutions in the fields of mining and resources; property and construction; corporate and commercial; and dispute resolution and litigation.  Through teamwork and integrity, and an ongoing commitment to excellence, our goal is to deliver quality legal advice that will ultimately minimise associated legal risks to the client and assist the client to increase their wealth.

Our Vision

Our firm is built on mutually valued long-term relationships. Our future success depends on the qualities, efforts and behaviours of our team, ensuring an unwavering commitment to value in relationships.

We fix a place for ourselves in the market with our exceptional client servicing skills, working hard (at our own expense) to really get to know our clients, their businesses, people and goals. Our goal is to forge long-term and mutually valued client relationships.

Establishing ourselves this way, in this market, is ambitious. The market demands expertise, industry knowledge, value and we are committed to exceed the market’s expection by:

  • giving clients more for less.
  • providing easier contact to senior lawyers.
  • assisting clients to appreciate the value provided.
  • eliminating the perception that we are, in any way, unreliable or inconsistent in service levels or methods.

We are regularly improving our systems and resources to improve service, productivity and the work-life balance for our lawyers; all to help solidify the core qualities and behaviors that define an Ellem Warren lawyer. We believe it is important to outline the principles that underpin those core qualities and behaviours.

All Ellem Warren lawyers believe in these principles and abide by them.


Ellem Warren Lawyers (‘EW’) is a full-service boutique commercial law firm based in Brisbane CBD, servicing local, national and international clients. EW capitalises on that start, and takes it further, by offering a broad range of legal expertise across several industry sectors, including Mining, Construction, IT and Property Development. EW launched in 2013 with a small team seeking to make its mark on the Brisbane legal market with quality service and a focus on creating and sustaining valued long-term relationships with clients.

To provide all the necessary tools and support, EW is a ‘Pty Ltd’ company, allowing for external stakeholders who bring their own specialist industry skills and feedback to the law practice. These stakeholders were carefully chosen from several interested parties and now form an advisory group that meets regularly with the directors to provide the support EW needs. Accordingly, shares have been issued to 3 individuals chosen for their specialist non-legal expertise, extensive networks and ‘no nonsense’ approach.

The directors, Richard Ellem and Ben Warren are excited about the future and prospect for growth, particularly in the corporate and industry sectors where they have pre-existing clients.



Richard Ellem became a partner of Praeger Ellem Solicitors in 2004 to head up the dispute resolution and business services group, including specific servicing of the property management industry. Over the years, Richard has focused his attention on developing meaningful valued relationships with clients and developed excellent business relationships and networks in the commercial and corporate world, with particular success in the mining and resources industry.

Ben Warren joined the predecessor firm as a partner in mid-2010, having been in private legal practice in the Brisbane CBD since 1999, and is a specialist in commercial litigation (one of a handful of QLS accredited specialists in commercial litigation), with particular expertise in the construction industry, credit and securities disputes, insolvency, insurance, and employment / workplace law.  Ben’s experience finds him able to advise commercial and corporate based clients on all aspects of their business.

Both are community-minded individuals of integrity. See the Values and Community sections for more detail.

EW has extensive legal expertise in the following areas:

  • Mining, Resources and Construction;
  • Corporate and Business Advisory;
  • Dispute Resolution and Litigation;
  • Employment and Workplace Law;
  • Personal and Business Services;
  • Property, Planning and Projects;
  • Finance, Securities and Insolvency;
  • Planning, Structures and Asset Protection;
  • Wills and Estate Planning, including Estate Litigation.